It ended up being a watershed day when I keyed “Nancy Zieman” into the Google search box. The terms “Nancy Zieman face,” “Nancy Zieman stroke,” and “Nancy Zieman smile” instantly popped up. My first reaction was embarrassment. Then I thought, “What—not a mention of sewing or quilting!” That casual search caused me to pause, think, and realize that all of you watching Sewing With Nancy or paging through a Nancy’s Notions catalog had good reason to wonder why my face is not symmetrical. After all, it’s something I can’t hide!

Are the t-shirts you saved for their sentimental value starting to pile up? Making them into a t-shirt quilt is an incredible way to preserve memories of the marathons you’ve run, family reunions you’ve attended, theater productions you’ve appeared in and more. Join Diane Gilleland for a free class on CreativeLive and learn how to turn your memories into a lifelong keepsake. Diane's class is live on 8/21-8/22. RSVP and get more information

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