Website Related Questions

1. How do I find exactly what I’m looking for in your site?

Type the “keyword” or “word” on the search bar located at the top green bar. The search option will find the closest word related to your search.  

2. Can I order online?

Yes you can order online. Click on the “buy online” button at the bottom of the page. You will see this link on the Catalog link and New Products link. You will be directed to Shopatron enabled catalog. Click on your product of interest and buy.

3. Does Clover ship world wide online?

Yes, Clover does ship worldwide.

4. What is Shopatron and how does it work?

Please visit “About Shopatron” to get more information.

5. I placed an order on your website and would like to know the status of my order. Who should I talk to?

Shopatron support is available by calling (877) 412-7467.

Or visit

Operating Hours:
Monday-Thursday 6AM – 6PM (Pacific Time)
Friday 6AM – 4PM (Pacific Time)

6. Is it safe to buy online and use Shopatron?

Shop safely with security. Your security is Clover and Shopatron’s priority. All of your information is protected using state of the art technologies. Shopatron takes unusual measures to protect your personal information.

7. What is your Privacy Policy?

Please visit our "Privacy Policy" link at the bottom of the page to review our privacy policy.

8. Do you offer free patterns?

Yes we do. Visit “Education” Project Sheets to see our free downloadable patterns.

Product Related Questions

  • Knitting and Needlework

1. I want to learn how to knit. Which knitting needle and size should I use?

Start with size 7 or 8 single pointed knitting needles. Your local yarn store has many selections for knitting beginners and patterns.

2. Should I use Takumi circular needles instead of Takumi straight needles?

It's really up to you. Circular needles are more versatile as you can use them to knit 'in the round' or 'back and forth' like straight needles. Many people claim that they are also more comfortable to use.

3. The plastic cable of my bamboo circular needle is real stiff. How can I loosen the cable?

Soak the plastic cable in hot water. Please make sure to soak the cable and not the needles.

4. What is Flex knitting needle?

Flex knitting needle is like a circular knitting needle cut in half with a wooden bead on the end of the plastic cable. The purpose is to decrease the stress on your wrist from the weight of the knitted piece.

5. Do you have educational links for Knitter and Crotchetier?

There are many educational sites available online and you can search them by using Google, Yahoo or MSN search. Or you can visit these sites below.

Learn to knit and crochet from Craft Yarn Council of America. Visit

Knitting and Crocheting related questions visit: or

Crochet Guild of America (CGOA)

The Knitting Guild of America (TKGA)

6. What is “Kantan Bead Couture”? How do I use it?

Kantan Bead Couture is an old technique of embellishing thread, beads, and sequins with the use of organdy fabric and placing them into the fabric. Please visit “Do it yourself” Project Library for more info.

For beginners:

Practice with thread (no beads/sequins) using organdy fabric so you can watch the movement of your hands before moving on to the fabric of your choice and beads/sequins.

7. What is Embroidery Stitching Tool/Needle Punch? Why is this tool different from other embroidery tools in the market?

Embroidery Stitching has been in the industry for decades. Clover Embroidery Stitching Tool offers ease of use and precision finish. The “fin” on the handle allows the end user to follow the correct way in maneuvering the tool and the thread. You can easily replace the needle size and adjust the length of the stitches by moving the needle inside the handle. 

8. Can I use Clover Felting Needle tool with foam instead of Clover brush mat?

You can use foam with our felting needle tool however we recommend using our brush mats. Our mats are made especially for our felting needle tool.  

9. How many needles does the Felting Needle tool have?

It has five barbed needles. Our felting needles are available in fine and heavy weight.

10. I need a step by step instruction of the Wonder Knitter. Is it available?

Yes it is. Visit the product page for the Wonder Knitter to view and print the instruction.

  • Sewing, Quilting and Accessories

1. How can I remove the Chaco Liner from the fabric?

We highly recommend to tests the Chaco liner on a piece of fabric before marking. Try to remove the Chaco Liner by washing the fabric with 5 parts water, 2 parts vinegar, and air dry. Do not put in the dryer. If the problem persists, please consult a professional fabric cleaner. We recommend pre-washing the fabric before using the Chaco Liner.

2. What is the highest and lowest temperature of the Mini Iron and Mini Iron II?

LOW Approx. 220 Fahrenheit = 104.44 celsius
MIDDLE Approx. 390 = 198.89 c
HIGH Approx 560 = 293.33 c

3. What is the voltage of the Mini Iron, Mini Iron II and Craft Iron?

The Mini Iron, Mini Iron II and Craft Irons voltage is 110. If traveling to another country with a different voltage we recommend using a transformer.

4. Can the attachments to the Mini Iron II be used on the regular Mini Iron?

The Mini Iron II is built with interchangeable tips. The tips are available individually. The standard Mini Iron only works with its own tip and cannot interchange with the Mini Iron II tips.

5. Do you sell parts for the Mini Iron? If the sole plate tip changes color, is the Mini Iron still safe to use?

We do not sell individual parts, but we will be happy to replace the defective sole plates. The bottom of the sole plate and shaft of the Mini Iron will change color because of heat and exposure to high temperature. The color will not affect the performance of the iron. If you are using glue or ribbon please make sure to clean the sole plate with sewing machine oil or water to remove any residue. Please make sure that the Mini Iron is cool and unplugged before cleaning. (This is recommended for both Mini Iron and Mini Iron II.)

6. Do you sell replacement blades for your Pencil Sharpener?

We do not sell replacement blades for our pencil sharpener.

7. What size needles can I use with the Desk Needle Threader?

We recommend using oval eye needles. We tried using different type of needles such as embroidery, circular eye, sewing and beading needles. Sometimes they work. Try threading the needles several times to see if it works.

8. What are the notches at the edge of the tray and ridge lines on the Yo-yo Makers?

Each Yo-Yo Maker has two parts: a disk (upper part) and a tray (lower part). The notches at the end of tray have to match with the ridge lines on the disk in order to close/snap.

Other Product Related Questions

1. I have a defective product and would like to exchange it. Can I send it back for replacement?

Please return your defective product to the store where it was purchased. The store will return/exchange the product for a new one. If the store cannot replace it, please send the defective product to the address below with a copy of the original receipt. We will be happy to send a new replacement. Please allow 5-10 business days for processing.

Clover Needlecraft, Inc.

Attn: Customer Service

1441 S. Carlos

Ontario, CA 91761

2. I own a retail shop and would like to carry Clover products. Can I buy direct?

We do not sell direct to retail shops however you can purchase our products from our distributors. Please visit our Retailer Inquiries to get a complete list of our distributors.

3. I am a consumer. Can I place an order by phone or mail?

We do not accept orders by phone or mail. You can only purchase our products online.

4. What is a “Pre-order” product?

Pre-order product means it’s available for purchase, but not available for immediate shipping. This happens when the product is new and the shipping date is not available. If the product becomes available the “pre-order” will become “Item is available”.

5. I cannot find my manual/instruction sheet. Can I ask for a copy?

Yes you can. Please send us your request via email or mail and we will email or send you a copy.

6. I am a Guild member and we would like to request a donation for our retreat. Who should I contact?

We offer donations to eligible guild inquiries. Please send your request by mail in a letter head form with the date and location of the event to the address below. We do not accept fax or email requests. Donation is by approval basis only. No P.O Boxes.

Clover Needlecraft, Inc.

Attn: Guild Inquiry

1441 S Carlos Ave

Ontario, CA 91761

North America, South America and Caribbean

Clover Needlecraft, Inc.
1441 S Carlos Avenue, Ontario, CA 91761 USA
Tel: (800) 233-1703 | Fax: (909) 218-2161

Asia, Europe, Australia and Oceania

Clover Mfg Co., Ltd (Corporate HQ)
3-15-5 Nakamichi Higashinari-ku Osaka 537-0025 Japan
Tel: 0081 (06) 6978-2220 | Fax: 0081 (06) 6978-2200
E-mail: | Website:

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